Terms of Free Delivery

We offer the testing and cleaning of electric petrol (not diesel) fuel injectors by post.

The cost of Flow Testing, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Reflow Testing of; Top feed rail mounted injectors is £15.00 each. Hose mounted fuel injectors £17.00 each. Side feed fuel injectors £20.00 each. GDI fuel injectors £25.00 each. SPI fuel injectors £25.00 each. Marine engine fuel injectors £25.00 each.

On GDI, SPI, and side feed injectors leave all seals and filters in place and we recommend that top feed injectors are sent complete so we can check filter, seal types and pintle caps for availability.

Getting your petrol fuel injectors serviced by Flow X couldn’t be easier:

  1. Complete online form and payment, send us your petrol fuel injectors.
  2. We check, clean, service and flow test your petrol engine fuel injectors.
  3. We package up and post* your petrol fuel injectors back to you FREE OF CHARGE with insurance included, up to £2,500.00**

* Your petrol fuel injectors will be sent back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery and will require a signature.

**For postal insurance cover above £2,500.00, please EMAIL US.  We only require the injectors – Please do NOT send us the fuel rails and electrical wiring etc.

You can contact Flow X Injectors Ltd by phone or by email.